British Inventor Tony Waithe Perseveres Despite Many Challenges!

Fire Escape Ladder

A member of my Facebook group “Independent Inventors – Help Has Arrived!“, Tony Waithe, recently told me his story of trials and tribulations in getting his inventions to market in Great Britain.

Though he has already received quite a bit of media attention for his inventions, I hope that getting his story out helps him achieve greater success and helps to motivate other inventors who are struggling making money from their inventions.

The struggle to get his fire escape ladder (shown above), called the “Great Escape Ladder” on the international market have been a very testing journey to say the least.

As Tony states in his on words: “During my research in regards to building regulations for homes owned by landlords who buy properties to rent to tenants, I discovered that most of the properties were not complying to the rules in regards to houses converted into four – five apartments.

The rules state that all dwellings above 4.5 meters from the ground floor must have a secondary means of escape in case of a serious fire which might block the main exit route out of the building.

The fact is none of the many millions of homes have a second means of escape for themselves or their loved ones and the result is that peoples lives are at risk (which is a health and safety concern) and against their human rights to be housed in a decent and safe home.

Insurance companies could benefit by providing their clients with an insurance policy which encourages their clients to have the fire escapes installed in their homes. Insurance companies should refuse to insure their clients if these standards are not complied.”

The Great Escape Ladder is stored neatly and compactly under the window sill of the inside of every bedroom or building until needed in a fire. It can be used from a window, a balcony, or even a roof top of any building and is easy to use. A user simply pushes a device clamp onto a wall mount, then rolls the Great Escape Ladder onto the window sill or ledge.

With one push forward, a stowed rope ladder is ejected outwardly while a hinged rigid ladder section falls out and downwardly so that a handle/toe piece comes to rest against the exterior wall of the building. The user steps onto a platform and finds a first rung of the ladder section. While holding onto two main support rails, the user lowers the weight of his/her body down onto the ladder section then climbs down the rope ladder to safety on the ground.

Tony has sourced a manufacturer to make his Great Escape Ladders, has tooling costs, product costs, and a target selling price.

Here are his frustrations in his own words: “I often hear from businessmen I’ve met that they want me to provide concrete orders before they will invest but I am of the conclusion that I wouldn’t need them to invest if I could secure such orders by myself.

What I really need is someone or an organization who believes in me and more importantly believes in my product designs to invest at its early stage so that my products can be licensed and orders can be determined.

I sincerely believe that if I can find the right people or an organization to support my award-winning products and supply me with the backing and funds so that an international PR campaign can be constructed to supply major companies who could stock and sell the fire escape ladders to as many outlets as possible, that we will all be on a win-win for everyone involved.

Please help me to help the masses make their homes a safer place to live in.”

You can contact Tony through his Facebook email.

Best regards,

Brian R. Rayve

P.S. Here are some video clips of Tony’s media interviews.

Tony Waithe, The story, the Journey, The Mission

Tony Waithe and the oscar winning Wallace and Gromit on BBC News talking about inventions, the Science Museum, and how kids can start to be more inventive in the 21st Century.

Tony Waithe being interviewed by Britian’s most famous Grand Master of Invention Trevor Bayliss on Channel Four TV’s “The Big Breakfast Show” presented by Phil Jupitus.

Message to governments around the world to support inventors

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