Should Independent Inventors File Their Own Provisional Patent Applications?

Provisional Patent Application Filing Kit I recently posted information about the new Provisional Patent Application Filing Kit 2010 in several social networking groups that are predominated by patent attorneys on a popular social networking website.

Several negative comments were received about the post that revolved around the idea of “Why are you helping inventors to prepare their own patent applications… it is like doing your own landscaping, haircuts, or surgery!”.

Well, go figure… landscaping can be learned easily enough when you do not have the money to pay a landscaper! The same with cutting hair. I would draw the line at do-it-yourself surgery, though!

They continue… “Inventors will end up with a provisional patent application that is non-enabling (i.e. missing critical information about their invention) or missing some other legal technicality and they will not be able to use the application as a basis for filing a utility patent application” (which can issue as a patent filed within the one year ‘patent pending’ time period affored by the provisional patent application).

My response to them and to you is this… they are absolutely right. Obviously, a professionally prepared provisional patent application is best… if the inventor can afford the cost. An experienced patent attorney (at least 2-3 years of training under a veteran patent attorney… not self-taught) knows how to describe inventions in detail and have drawings or sketches prepared that show all critical aspects of the invention including the various versions or embodiments thereof.

However, many independent inventors cannot afford the $1,500.00 to $3,500.00 fee that patent attorneys charge to prepare a provisional patent application (note that we charge considerably less – only $477.00 to professionally prepare a provisional patent application for you including sketches or drawings). Many of these inventors still file provisional patent applications themselves… oftentimes resulting in an insufficient disclosure or other legal technicality not being complied with.

Well, the Provisional Patent Application Filing Kit 2010 is designed to give such inventors a reasonable shot at filing a good patent application themselves… at a reasonable cost. I feel that giving independent inventors the right information in an easy-to-read-and-follow format with all of the forms is better than them “winging it” as many independent inventors do.

I hope this clarifies the purpose of the Provisional Patent Application Filing Kit 2010 and who should purchase it.

Best regards,

Brian R. Rayve

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