Which Inventor and Industry Trade Shows Should Independent Inventors Attend?

I received a question today from an independent inventor like yourself asking “What are some of the best inventor trade shows like Inpex?”.

Well, my response is that there is no “one” trade show to attend. There are inventor trade shows for inventors to show-off and try to sell their inventions.

There are many more industry trade shows that are specific to particular industries such as housewares, boating, outdoors, and the like.

Here is a link to the Trade Shows portion of my Ultimate Inventor Resources:


Check out the inventor trade shows and the industry trade shows specific to your invention.

I hope this helps you.

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Brian R. Rayve
Owner, InventionPatenting.com

P.S. Make sure you have locked-in “patent pending” first and know the consequences of showing your invention at a trade show before doing so! Read my blog for details in posts below.

You can lock-in patent pending at:


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