A Cutting Edge Solution for Mowing the Lawn!

Patents For Inventors on Their Inventions - Lawn Mower

I do not know who this is… but steering so as to cut the entire lawn may be a problem! Likewise, I hope that a snooze shut-off is included so the lawn mower does not unwittingly cut the neighbor’s lawn… and the neighbor’s neighbor’s lawn… and so-on.

Actually, my father tried using one of the first self-propelled push mowers to automatically cut the lawn in our backyard in the early 1970s. He placed a post in the middle of our backyard and connected it to the lawn mower using a rope long enough to reach the outer edges of the lawn.

The diameter of the post was such that one trip around the post caused a length of rope nearly equal to the cutting width of the lawn mower to wrap around the post. This continually moved the lawn mower inwardly towards the post to provide slightly overlapping cuts.

Only one problem my dad did not count on… the lawn was rectangular in shape!

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