Frantic Inventors Wanted!

Are you a typical newbie inventor… frantic to get started making money from your new product idea but not having a clue what to do?

Don’t worry, most people feel the same as you when they start out. The first thing to do is to file a patent application to lock in your legal rights to your invention. You can file a provisional patent application to lock in “patent pending” for one year. It cannot issue as a patent, but a utility patent application can be based on it if filed during the one year patent pending period can and retain its filing date.

A utility patent application can issue as a patent after going through an examination process at the U.S. Patent Office. To be patentable, your “idea” must new and non-obvious. Usually, before filing a utility patent application, a patent search is conducted to see whether the inventor should invest the money to file one. A provisional patent application is much less expensive and thus a patent search is optional, though advised if other investment is going to be done to bring a product to market.

Once you have locked in patent pending filing one or the other type of patent application, you can tackle marketability and licensing issues, which I will discuss at a later date.

You can sign up for a provisional or utility patent application at:

You can see more information about provisional patent applications at:

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One thought on “Frantic Inventors Wanted!
  1. Hi I have had 5 inventions, 4 have since been on the market. You snooze, You lose. The 5 Th. has never been marketed but i do not know how to make it work.I also have 2 new ideas and have never been marketed. One is a problem that most women would love to be solved. The other is a self regulating wind generator, which i do know how to make work but what do i do with all this information. I would like to sell the ideas based on cash and a percentage.
    No sale,No cost.Thank you for your time.
    Clifford Jewison

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